Hello, Goddess!

I'd Be Honored to Be Your Guide
I'm a lover of the goddess, wellness coach, lifestylist,
spiritual educator and energy healer. Part of my purpose
is helping women to look, feel, live, and love like the
goddesses they truly are!
Awakening the Goddess
Sacred Feminine Empowerment
Come Face to Face with the Great Feminine Mysteries,
Occupy Your Body, Reclaim the Sacred, and Take Your
Seat on the Throne as the Queen of Your Life
Look & Feel Like a Goddess
Sacred Style & Feminine Embodiment
Adorn the temple of your feminine body
Embody your power and presence
Express your true essence
Live & Love Like a Goddess
Reclaim the sacred, remember the cycles of life,
and open your heart through the gateway of self-love
Womb Wisdom
Awaken the Altar of
Your Feminine Power
Connect with the seat of your Creativity, Sexuality, and Feminine Energy
Attune to the cycles of the Moon, of Life, and your own Ebb & Flow
Activate the Primal Power & Wisdom Within You

Learn Magick with a "K"

Ancient Mystery School Lineage

Through magick we can attain the
most important power of all -
the power to change ourselves.

As Women, Our True Potential Lies in Our Embodiment of the Divine Feminine

Are you ready to LOOK, FEEL, LIVE, and LOVE like the goddess you are?  

My Core Feminine Philosophy
From years of dedicated study and direct personal experiences in the realms of mysticism, healing, and the feminine mysteries, I’ve come to a unique view of feminine empowerment and magickal living.  I invite you to explore with me the many power tools I’ve found to support your awakening…


We are much more than meets the eye and everything is energy!  I believe in the power of harnessing holistic & metaphysical systems to change yourself, your life, your world. To put it simply, magick is creating something out of nothing, or changing something into something else.


I believe we are only beginning to see the implications of a world where women own and embody the depth of their divinity, beauty, wisdom, sensuality, sexuality, and creativity.  The essence of feminine power comes in a multitude of flavors and in order to claim our power as women, there are many avenues we can take.


An important aspect of feminine empowerment I work with is the activation and awareness of the subtle energy systems in the female body. In the Kabbalistic tradition the feminine energy is known as Shekinah and in the yogic and tantric traditions, she is known as Shakti.


You can look like a hot, badass woman & be connected, present, & spiritual at the same time.  I believe there is a magickal sweet spot where personal style meets sacred intention.  I invite you to go there with me and explore creativity, expression, and feeling radiant, comfortable, sexy, and SEEN in your unique brilliance and feminine essence.


The art of feminine embodiment aims to bring your body & spirit into harmony, offering techniques to help harness the power of your feminine essence, the energy and power of moving emotion and feelings, and have an awakened experience of living radiantly in your body.


True wellness comes from being in harmony and alignment in all parts of our lives, not just eating the right foods or sticking to the perfect diet.  Women have unique needs when it comes to health.  Our hormones and energy systems are unique and require awareness and finesse to maintain balance.

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Feel Divine, Inside & Out!

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