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An important aspect of feminine empowerment that I work with is the activation of the subtle energy systems in the female body.

Ancient healing modalities truly serve to awaken and activate the flow of light and energy in your being and thus, in your life.  Tantric traditions speak of a Shakti circuit, a pathway of feminine energy flow within the body, which is awakened in a specific process. The gateway for awakening this pathway is located at the base of the skull, at the back of the neck, in an energy center called the “Mouth of the Goddess.”

In ancient Egypt, this activation ceremony was performed to initiate priests and priestesses.  Today, we still perform this activation in its original procedure, and we call it the Life Activation.  The same sacred ceremony that has been used since ancient times to initiate priests, priestesses, oracles, prophets, and leaders and is now available to the public because of the great transformation needed at this time on the planet.

This activation allows you to see your potential, know and love yourself more deeply, live more aligned with your higher self and purpose in life, and move onto an accelerated path of owning and embodying your power and presence.