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What is an Empowered Woman?

I asked my colleagues and friends, both women and men, what an empowered woman is to them–how does she show up?  Sure, it’s a journey, and doesn’t happen all at once.  The journey of empowerment is a consistent unfolding of […]

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Self-Love: The One Huge Lesson That Every Past Relationship Was Trying to Teach Me

It took me years and a string of relationships, with some great times, some tumultuous and heart-wrenching, to finally get the one lesson that life, my higher self, and my spirit guides were screaming at me to get:  Love Yourself! […]

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Activate Your Inner Goddess

An important aspect of feminine empowerment that I work with is the activation of the subtle energy systems in the female body. Ancient healing modalities truly serve to awaken and activate the flow of light and energy in your being […]

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