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What is an Empowered Woman?

I asked my colleagues and friends, both women and men, what an empowered woman is to them–how does she show up?  Sure, it’s a journey, and doesn’t happen all at once.  The journey of empowerment is a consistent unfolding of […]

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Awakening Goddess: Heidi McCormack

I have been blessed to meet many amazing women in my studies, travels, and in my work, all with their own unique expertise and flavors of wisdom. And thus I’m overjoyed to introduce the Awakening Goddess Interview Series, highlighting women […]

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101 Ways to Awaken Your Inner Goddess!

So, you want to awaken your inner goddess?  Here are a few things I’ve found that will help you do exactly that.  No need to add 101 new items to your to-do list however.  Let’s just say, you can add […]

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