Do you feel drawn to crystals and gemstones? Many people do!

For thousands of years, cultures around the globe have been using minerals, stones, and crystals and accessing their wisdom and healing energy.

I have been studying and applying the power of gemstones for over 15 years in my healing practice and have been handed down a specific ancient technique that activates and awakens the crystals for their use in energy layouts.

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Crystal healing layouts can address a variety of healing concerns, whether you desire physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual healing, or even just an energy boost!

There are a number of different healing applications that can be incorporated into your crystal healing session:

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Examples of specific crystal placements are:

  • Empowerment – enhances general empowerment in your life
  • Physical – deals with physical body healing, energy flow, releases blocks
  • Emotional – heart healing, emotional wounds
  • Pure Mind – helps with meditation, concentration, focus
  • Mental – helps with mental clarity and thought process
  • Libido – helps with sexuality and creativity
  • Space Reversal – helps with clumsiness, losing things all the time, disorientation, having trouble integrating multi-dimensional self
  • Time Enhancement – helps if you are late often, time passing too quickly, time management
  • Chakra Healing Session – general healing & balancing of all chakras, nourishing, revitalizing, grounding

The Crystal Healing Experience

How is this crystal healing different?

I have trained and been handed down a specific technique of crystal healing, through an ancient mystery school lineage.  Using ancient mantras, I work with the energy of the stones and the energy of Mother Gaia, the earth energy, to awaken and activate the stones to work with you in your energy field.

As opposed to common tumbled stones, I use therapeutic quality cabachons, therapeutic quality spherical gemstones, and select my tools with the highest quality and vibration possible. I have been working with gems, crystals, and stones therapeutically for over 15 years, both intuitively as well as studying with different schools & teachers.

What is a crystal healing session like?

You will meet with me in a energetically sealed and sacred healing space. We will discuss your needs, goals, and desires, what areas need healing or direction in your life, and from there I will decide and work intuitively to place the crystals.

You will be fully clothed and laying comfortably on a treatment table. In some cases, your skin may be exposed to place the crystals against your skin, but you will be respectfully and modestly draped with a blanket according to your comfort level.

Once the crystals are placed, you just lay back and receive, and enjoy the experience!  Clients often go into a deep alpha or dream-like state, and some may remain completely conscious and observing various energetic sensations.

Sessions last about 1hr-1.5hrs depending on when the crystals are finished working with you!

Investment: $100 per session

Raving Reviews for Crystal Healing

``I gained a great amount of creative energy``

“Before my recent crystal healing and life activation top-up, it was hard to get out of bed every morning. After the session I gained a great amount of creative energy and it was actually hard to fall asleep or even sleep in. I went to bed every night after my session with so many ideas and projects I wanted to do.

Now, every morning I wake up excited to start my day.

The sessions are very comfortable and intimate, and afterwards you feel like you had a very deep meditation.

B.M. artist & stylist – San Diego, CA

``All in all, it was a very powerful reset!``

As I set my intentions for the crystal healing, I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I never am, but I could feel the support of many helpers, as well as your own strength and facilitation. Afterwards, I felt palpable empowerment running through me, as if the crystals had reset and recoded my energy and core. I was in a peaceful, working balance again, and your room and presence assisted in that facilitation.

I would recommend this session to anyone who is curious to work with the elemental kingdom and get in deeper touch with their moving energy should consider working with you. Sometimes it helps to have someone hold space for your innate healing, and that is exactly what you did.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that for a couple of days afterwards, my body was detoxing stale energy, enhanced by the crystal session.  All in all, it was a very powerful reset. Thank you, Vanessa, for the work you do.” 

-E., Florist, Austin, TX

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