Do you feel energetically and emotionally drained?

Are you experiencing emotional pain and heartbreak from a current or past relationship that doesn’t serve you?

Have you had a series of relationships over the past 7 years that you may still be healing from?

Are you ready to break free from the past, move forward with your own energy, and open yourself to new, healthier, more fulfilling relationships?


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What is Emotional Clearing?

Whenever we experience a situation in which we have an emotional response, a cord can form. These cords form energetic links between you and another person or situation; they allow your energy to flow from you to something else. Although some cords with children and spouses are appropriate, most of the cords we have are unhealthy and create an unbalanced co-dependency with other people.These negative cords can form when we have traumatic experiences, or from a sense of betrayal, guilt, blame, anger, depression, or attachment of any kind. In fact, because of its intimacy and intensity, sexual interaction itself – even a deep kiss – results in being corded for seven years, and preventing you from owning your energy and moving forward with your emotional healing.


When a cord has formed between two people, energy flows from you even if you are no longer in the other person’s life or within physical proximity. If negative emotional patterns are associated with that relationship, person, or experience, your energy and life force can become drained and depleted, keeping you stuck in the patterns of your past.

An Emotional Cord Cutting is an important part of emotional clearing and healing, as it cuts these cords in a effective way that other types of cord cutting meditations or visualizations cannot. Once your cords are cut through this sacred ceremony, you are free to reconnect with those who are important to you! As a result, you can establish your current relationships on a new and healthier level, with new energy and focus. You can stop repeating limiting patterns and experience emotional healing that will allow you to attract more fulfilling relationships.

If you are in the service industry or work with clients, patients, or students, I highly recommend that you have this session on a regular basis.

  • Massage therapists, healers, doulas & energy workers
  • Counselors, psychologists, doctors & nurses
  • Hair stylists, piercers, tattoo artists
  • Bartenders, waiters/waitresses
  • Teachers, yoga and fitness instructors

Also especially relevant when dealing with:

  • A break up or divorce
  • Death of a loved one
  • A move, job change, or life transition
  • Healing or leaving an abusive or co-dependent relationships


Emotional Clearing Session

This emotional clearing energy session provides deep purification on many levels of your being.  This will create a profound shift in your energy allowing you to feel more freedom and lightness to move forward in life.

This session includes:

Emotional Cord Cutting

These are energetic cords that link us to people in our lives, past and present. Although some cords between children and spouses are appropriate, most cords affect us adversely and create dependency or codependency with others. When cords are formed between two people, energy flows between them even if they are no longer in contact for up to 7 years! If negative emotional patterns are associated between the two people, it can leave you feeling drained and depleted. Once these cords are safely removed, you are free to reconnect to the people you love and care about therefore establishing new, healthy boundaries.

Negative Energy Removal

Thoughts have form, and peopleʼs thoughts about you can affect your life. Negative thoughts directed toward you can come from many situations, such as someone cursing at you in traffic, jealousies, any ill wishes, and even lust. These will adversely affect you. When they are lifted you are left feeling more clear, centered, and in control of your life.

Purification by Light

In this session you will receive a download of beautiful energy, clearing out negative energies that attach to us as we go about our daily lives. These foreign energies cause emotional pain and disconnection and decrease our ability to function. This clearing leaves you with a refreshing feeling of lightness and peacefulness.

Session Investment: $150


Clearings & Cord Cuttings Get Results!

``You feel a weight lifted off your shoulders``

“You feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. 

I had no passion and motivation to do what I love for several months, I felt tired like a weight was dragging me down everyday.  

Now, every morning I wake up excited to start my day. 

Sometimes you need to let go of what is dragging you down and unblock your path in life, because there is so much more waiting for you.”

B.M. – artist & stylist, San Diego, California

``I was able to make a decision``

“I saw Vanessa for a Cord Cutting because I had been trying to decide whether or not to leave my now ex-boyfriend and move on with my life. After the session, I was able to make a decision, and I left my now ex-boyfriend which turned out to be the right choice. 

I met someone new, who makes me feel supported, respected, honored, cherished, loved. I’m now starting to understand and experience healthy boundaries and partnership.”

A.D., yogi & student, Austin, Texas

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