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Part 2 of Guest Post from Esoteric Astrologer Aleksandra Ceho

To continue on with the faces of the Divine Feminine in astrology that have been presented to us by the Moon so far, I would like to remind you that this has nothing to do with your Zodiac sign but rather your Moon sign. In order to get an accurate sense of where the Moon is in the sky, it is essential to have your chart properly prepared with all of the necessary information. If you do not know, I encourage you to check out my website where full Natal Readings are offered:  Master the Stars

And so we continue, presenting to you the Faces of the Moon

Moon in Libra:

In Libra, the Moon’s face is transfigured to Dike; just, wise and loving. This Goddess helps others to lead just lives and understands the pain and sorrow underlying people’s actions. Insightful, humble and loving, she guides others to make better decisions for their lives, futures and relationships. Soft-spoken and open hearted, she is not the type to neglect those in need and is always ready to offer a hug, wise words or assistance of any type. Her spirit is most apparent when she is helping and assisting others. As a wise woman, she is affectionate and clever, ready to use her graceful ways to help others grow.

Moon in Scorpio:

In Scorpio, the Moon’s face morphs into that of Sekhmet; passionate, fertile and powerful. This Goddess gazes into the souls of others to see what lies underneath. She then penetrates masks with her passionate approach. As an alchemical Goddess, she unites the masculine and feminine in creation in order to create. Her spirit and passion are most visible when she is engaged in any act of creation. Unafraid to stand up darkness, her power comes from loving others and protecting them. As a passionate woman, she devotes her heart to creating and protecting all the things and people she loves.

Moon in Sagittarius:

In Sagittarius, the face of Themis is shown in the Moon’s reflection; open, prophetic, and adventurous. This Goddess gazes to the future in the hopes of acquiring wisdom through adventure and experience. Insightful and yet youthful and innocent, she sees the world and the people in it as a gift just waiting to be unwrapped. Her spirit and joy shine when she makes discoveries and acquires bits of wisdom. Always willing to question what is; she assists others in shaking loose their mental chains and opening their eyes. As a visionary, she continues to open the doors of perception in the hopes of coming to truly know herself and inspires others to do the same.

Moon in Capricorn:

In Capricorn, the Moon sees her face as that of Cybele; reliable, disciplined and practical. This Goddess is the Great Mother who creates the structures upon which people flourish. Patient and always willing to lend her ear, she demonstrates her care for others through action rather than words. Disciplined and possessing know-how and strength, she is a problem-solver and creator of miracles. Her spirit shines most when directing herself and others in the accomplishment of wonders. As a creator, she looks out for the well-being of all under her care and devotes herself to giving them a better world.

Moon in Aquarius:

In Aquarius, we see the Moon’s reflection as that of Frigg; broad-minded, observational and friendly. This Goddess is the queen of Heaven who has a special place in her heart for humanity. Wise and open to inspiration, she is always seeking to discover new ways to make the world a better place. Her keen eyes have a talent for identifying opportunities for growth and she embraces the ideas that others deem crazy or ludicrous. Her spirit shines most when she is able to lend a hand to others in need, especially if that assistance comes in the form of some unconventional method. As a humanitarian, she understands the true meaning of friendship and through her actions seeks to end suffering in the world.

Moon in Pisces:

In Pisces, the Moon’s reflected face is that of Nehalennia; artistic, intuitive and compassionate. This Goddess represents the depths of the seas and oceans and the power of emotions to be a raging storm or a bountiful source of sustenance. Sensitive to the needs and emotions of others, she understands the pain and suffering they have lived with and offers endless compassion. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, she seeks to use her emotions as a source of creativity in her life. Her spirit becomes apparent in the moments when she can tune out the rest of the world and express all that lies deep within her. As a dreamer, her heart leads her upon a path of creativity, sacrifice and compassion for the sake of those she loves.

Artwork: Anita

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Guest contributor Aleksandra Ceho

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Aleksandra is an Esoteric Astrologer, Healing Practitioner, Teacher, and Guide. Aleksandra’s love for Astrology has been fostered since childhood.  Upon discovery of her grandfather’s collection of astrology books, she was immediately drawn to the subject. Her love for astrology also led her to studying the mythologies and archetypes as well  as the tarot in her late childhood and teenage years.  She has studied Esoteric teachings with the Modern Mystery School and is also privileged to hold the title of Wiccan High Priestess. She is an active member of the Modern Mystery School’s Wicca Community where she happily contributes and imparts the wisdom and energy of the stars for others to partake of.  Aleksandra feels that it is indeed possible to master the stars so that we may one day co-create with them instead of feeling like we are working against them.  It is exactly this empowerment that she feels is most important to bring to others through healing and teaching and sincerely hopes that those she has touched move on to serve others as well.  You can find out more about Aleksandra at her site Master the Stars or follow her Facebook page!