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Guest Post from Esoteric Astrologer Aleksandra Ceho

Your essence as a Goddess can be divined in the stars. The unique aspects of the divine feminine that you have chosen to embody can be found and embraced through the art of Astrology.

In astrology, the Divine couple are said to be the Sun (Divine Masculine) and the Moon (Divine Feminine). Truly, it is no wonder that the Moon is considered to be the Goddess when we take a look at the special relationship that we have with her as humans. The typical Moon cycle lasts 29.5 days which coincidentally is the average length of a female’s fertility cycle and has three stages (waxing, Full, waning) which correspond to the three stages of womanhood; maiden, mother and crone, who together are known as the Tri-Goddess.

In fact, astrological studies of fertility have indicated that the closer the length of our own cycles match that of the Moon (29.5 days), the higher the fertility and ability to carry through a healthy pregnancy. The Moon has always been said to be the Mother watching her children in the cradle (the Earth) and indeed as women, we source the power of our cycles from the Mother Goddess.

As an archetype of the Divine Feminine in Astrology, the Moon holds more secrets and mysteries amongst her robes than just that of Motherhood. She speaks to us of our intuition, emotions and of the multitude of gifts that we as women bring to the world. When we look at the Astrological chart, the Moon tells us about the quality of feminine energies that the person in question has been born with and how to best nurture those gifts. That being said, I would like to briefly share with you some of the gifts and aspects of divinity that the Moon imparts based on her position in your astrological chart.

In order to have an accurate sense of your divine feminine essence, it is essential to know your Moon Sign. Your zodiac sign will not substitute in this case as it is the Divine Masculine and is likely to be in an entirely different sign than the Moon. Please keep in mind that these are general themes and if you are looking for something more specific, I encourage you to book a Natal Reading where all conditions and aspects of the Moon are analyzed.

That being said, I would like to present to you the Moon in the first six positions:

Moon in Aries:

In Aries, the face of the Moon becomes that of Joan of Arc; youthful, strong and idealistic. This Goddess is the Hero who through sheer force of Will achieves justice and creates miracles. Her spirit is never more apparent than when taking on adventures and challenges and she inspires others with her joy for life. While she may not be the most demonstrative of her feelings and affection, she will cross an ocean for those she loves. As a warrior, she is instinctive, intuitive and decisive and there is no battlefield that she cannot conquer.

Moon in Taurus:

In Taurus, the face of the Moon shows the reflection of Aphrodite; sensual, affectionate and loyal. This Goddess cherishes those who are near and dear and shows her heart through her giving actions. A lover of the fine things in life, she appreciates the gifts of the earth and delights in how they tease, tantalize and flirt with her senses. Her love is one that does not diminish with time and unless one does something drastic, her loyalty and love will breed forgiveness and care for years. As a lover, she is considerate, passionate and generous and those who she accepts into her arms are lucky to remain there.

Moon in Gemini:

In Gemini, the Moon’s face takes the form of the Muses; delightful, intelligent and creative. This Goddess takes joy in communicating with others and partaking of their wisdom. Her heart and spirit show in her flirtatious and witty banter. With a deep love for expression, she may turn her efforts towards music, dance, writing or other forms of creative expression which reveal the free spirit within. Always interested and excited to meet a new face, she opens her heart to all people of the world and lets her sometimes mischievous side out to play. As an artist, she expresses the beauty of life in all she does.

Moon in Cancer:

In Cancer, the Moon’s face becomes that of Selene; motherly, intuitive and protective. This Goddess lives to care for others and delights in their growth. Her heart is never so full as when she has a home full of smiles and laughter and her spirit shows through in her touch and in her hugs. Deeply intuitive and observant, she is always ready to guide others with wisdom and care and when the moment calls for it, she can be the ferocious mama bear defending her cubs from harm. As a mother, she cultivates life with humility and love.

Moon in Leo:

In Leo, the Moon’s face transforms into that of Hestia; regal, benevolent, dramatic. This Goddess is a queen who cares for her community and wins the respect of those within. Attentive to the needs of those around her, she is willing to ruffle feathers if it means that others will be better off. With a flair for the dramatic, she is delightful to be around as regales others with stories and her humor. Her spirit shows in her dealings with others and her home is fit for a queen. As royalty, she exhibits feminine power with humility and grace.

Moon in Virgo:

In Virgo, the Moon’s face figures as that of Seshat; intelligent, fertile, practical. This Egyptian Goddess is a teacher who imparts wisdom, knowledge and common sense. Deeply humble with a huge desire to help others, she is the ever present guide who can be depended upon to bring clarity and insight. The power of her mind also brings fertility and growth to all things she touches and she is always willing to share in the bounty with others. Her spirit shows in discovery and new learning. As a teacher, she is patient and will give her all to those who seek her wisdom.

Artwork: Jessica Holman

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Guest contributor Aleksandra Ceho

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Aleksandra is an Esoteric Astrologer, Healing Practitioner, Teacher, and Guide. Aleksandra’s love for Astrology has been fostered since childhood.  Upon discovery of her grandfather’s collection of astrology books, she was immediately drawn to the subject. Her love for astrology also led her to studying the mythologies and archetypes as well  as the tarot in her late childhood and teenage years.  She has studied Esoteric teachings with the Modern Mystery School and is also privileged to hold the title of Wiccan High Priestess. She is an active member of the Modern Mystery School’s Wicca Community where she happily contributes and imparts the wisdom and energy of the stars for others to partake of.  Aleksandra feels that it is indeed possible to master the stars so that we may one day co-create with them instead of feeling like we are working against them.  It is exactly this empowerment that she feels is most important to bring to others through healing and teaching and sincerely hopes that those she has touched move on to serve others as well.  You can find out more about Aleksandra at her site Master the Stars or follow her Facebook page!