For thousands of years, women from traditions all over the globe have gathered together in circles to support each other, honor each other, and explore the sacred together.  With our many-faceted modern lives of to-do lists, balancing career, relationships, and health, today’s women are aching for the ancient wisdom, connection, and rejuvenation that these circles provided for the women who walked before us.

Inspired by my studies of ceremony, ritual, and practices in sacred temples as an Apprentice Ritual Master initiated into the lineage of King Salomon, I have combined my practical esoteric knowledge with the practices of the yogini tradition developed by Chameli Ardagh, of the Awakening Women Institute.  Incorporating Hindu, Buddhist, Kabbalist, Celtic, Greek, Roman, African traditions and many many more from around the planet, we will explore without dogma the many faces of the goddess that have graced this timeless circle, allowing the wisdom of the circle to guide us through our life and growth.

At this time, I am calling forth a circle of women in the Austin, Texas area, who are committed to their spiritual growth through exploring the feminine in a supportive and nourishing way.

The circle is calling you home…  Will you take your seat?

Mother City Goddess Temple, Cape Town, South Africa, 2011

If you are near the Austin, Texas area and interested in attending an introductory evening to the temple practices, please leave your contact information below and I will keep you updated as the circle begins to take shape!

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