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I declare that February is the month of Self-Love with the International Day of Self-Love falling on February 13th!

This month we are bombarded with cheesy Valentine’s Day crap starting even in late-January.  Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of V-day, especially since my birthday is on February 15th.  I tend to celebrate myself and indulge in extra self-love and self-care around that time anyway, even though I am in a happy, healthy committed relationship.

So… Self-Love!  I really believe that Self-Love is the gateway to empowerment, fulfilling relationships, and embodying your goddess self.  With the power of self-love, you can have the courage to leave a relationship that isn’t serving you, the will to improve a current relationship, the radiance to attract the partner you would want to attract in your life, or even come to accept being single if that’s where you’re at right now.

I’ve rounded up the best Self-Love tips from the web of empowered goddess sisterhood, and here they are!

LISA TALEV – Wellness Coach and Massage Therapist

Ho’oponopono: One of the quickest, easiest ways of practicing self-love is to catch and release self-criticism and negative thought patterns using the Hawaiian “Ho’oponopono” prayer. It translates as:  “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.”

What I find so powerful about this simple prayer is how quickly it brings on a state of grace, and brings you out of your chatty inner-critic mind, back into the present. I use this mantra if I make a mistake I really regret and my inner critic starts chiding me for it. Here’s how it works:

“I’m sorry” is a sincere apology from your heart to higher self–a vow to make things right again. It also breaks the pattern of repeating negative thoughts, and calls the part of you that was offended to listen.  “Please forgive me” reminds you that you have the choice let it go, learn and move on.  “I love you” is the big “why” of this practice—more self love means more opening to love in general. It also feels like “apology accepted” when it follows “please forgive me.” Ultimately reminding yourself that you have to live with yourself (and love yourself) no matter what, helps you get back to the business of doing just that.  And finally, my favorite part, “Thank you.”  This part is a humble gratitude to the universe and to yourself for the lesson(s) learned.

True forgiveness is not about pretending something never happened; it’s about learning from your mistakes, so you can keep moving forward on your path. I love that I can fully attain inner peace repeating this 5-second mantra a few times in my head, or saying it out loud just once.

Lisa is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach & Licensed Massage Therapist/Reiki Master.  Find out more about her work at Inspired Wellness.


REBECCA CLIO GOULD – Women’s Holistic Health & Empowerment Coach, Sheng Zhen Teacher, and Writer

Eyegazing:  Self-love has been a focus of mine for years, so I have plenty of tips and advice to share. But for now, I’m most excited about the practice of eye-gazing with one’s own self! This is especially useful if feeling lonely, whether partnered or single. But it’s also a powerful self love practice even if loneliness is not an issue.

Here’s what you do: Get a hand mirror, and keep it close to your bed. Start your day by gazing lovingly at your own reflection for at least 3-5 minutes. You can also do this at the end of the day, when going to sleep. See your own beauty, your own sweetness. Give yourself the attention you deserve and crave. Look deeply into your eyes, study your face, make yourself smile and even blush. Fall in love with yourself and everything else will fall into place.

In addition to being a Certified Health Coach, Rebecca’s specialities include, qigong, meditation, energywork, and sacred sexuality.  Find out more about Rebecca and her offerings at Rebecca Clio Gould or Awakening Sacred Sexuality.


JILL RODERICK TARALLO – Corporate COO, Spiritual Advisor, Motivational Speaker, & Coach

(1) Meditate.  I start my day with sadhana (a daily spiritual practice) where I get down on my meditation pillow, close my eyes and look to the divine within.  It’s where I give thanks for all that is and where I manifest all that is yet to come.  It is such a beautiful time of gratitude, praise, celebration and creation.  It is where I set my intention for the day ahead.

(2) Remind.  I remind myself every day that we are all one; that we are all connected; that everything I think, feel and do has an impact to those around me and that ripple effect impacts the collective consciousness of the Universe.  I set the intention to infuse love.

I do this every day, no matter what.  Even if I only have a few minutes, I am unapologetic about it.   I know that I have to love myself first to be in the best position to serve others…

With a background in business & finance, Jill is also a Certified Health Coach, Kundalini Yoga Instructor, and Ordained Minister.  Find out more about Jill at her website Spirit Vibe Tribe!

BETH SIRAGUSA – Business, Marketing and Personal Empowerment Consultantbeth

As a facilitator of an event called “Heart & Soul: A Gathering for Impactful Women” the topic of self-love is something I come back to very often. It is something that I am working on practicing for myself in my daily life too. This is something many of us are not taught to practice, in fact I have heard women share that they were labeled as selfish or self-centered simply for wanting to give themselves loving care instead of catering to another’s needs. As women we are looked upon to take care of others, but really we can’t do that until we take care of ourselves.

So, one of the best tips I have to engage this practice of self-love is to ask yourself on a regular basis, “What would waking up to my ideal day look like?” Really take time to think about what would bring you the most joy, what fulfills you, and what keeps you from this blissful life? Then start taking action from wherever you are, small steps are great. Transformation happens when you integrate your best life into your every day life.

Beth is a Certified Health Coach, Intuitive Energy Worker, and Certified Life Activation practitioner through the Modern Mystery School.  Find out more about her work at Holistic Health Goddess

ANNE EDANO – Relationship Guide

anneYou’re never too old, too young, too bad, too late to change anything.  Feeling “bad” traps you in disempowerment.  Your history is not the truth about you.  It is your memories.  And your history will not be your future, UNLESS you accept it as truth.  Truth is, you can change!

It is not about perfection, it is about the realization of more to expand towards perfection.  This requires forgiveness to let go and release the shadows of the past.  And accept those around us and ourselves and give back to ourselves love, appreciation and gratitude.  Seek only love!  Embrace only love!  And you will live a life free of suffering.  Not free of experiences that can cause pain and suffering but this will expand your awareness to greater love.

Anne helps professional women live, love and play their way into a healthy, romantic relationship!  Find out more about her at her site Love More Better

NATALIE REIMER ANDERSON – Transformational Self-LOVE Coach

natalieAs well as ritual bathing and massaging my body with luxurious oils, while thanking it for all it does, I choose to speak to it, feed it, educate it and exercise it with LOVE as a deliberate act of nurturing and communion.  If you think of your body as your own sweet child and ask it what it desires, and then listen, you begin to hear it speaking to you again.  The messages will become clear as you practice listening. But, you must first choose to listen. This fundamental relationship is at the core of loving yourself to radiant health.

Imagine treating your child like you have treated your own self.  Criticizing her size, what she chooses to eat or how she acts. Image beating your child into submission at the gym with hours of exercise she doesn’t enjoy, or denying her the nourishment she needs to thrive.  Its absurd to think you would do that to a beautiful, vulnerable being that depends on you for love, isn’t it?

When I slip into a place of self-judgement and criticism I remember to ask, “what would a loving mother do?”  She would listen and make fair and healthy decision based on the nurturing of that beautiful being of pure potential that she has the privilege of caring for.  YOU are that being.  YOU are your own gift and masterpiece. YOU are a perfect child of the divine. YOU are your own mother.

Find your mother’s milk.  Be it massage, juicing, journaling, reading, meditating, bathing, cooking, exploring, napping, exercising…or all of these things and feed that baby! This simple question creates a shift in perspective from judgement to gratitude for the magnificence that you are.. an embodiment of the divine, worthy of your own LOVE and affection.

Natalie is a self-Love Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, and Personal Trainer.  Find out more about her at Nutrition Nat.