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I asked my colleagues and friends, both women and men, what an empowered woman is to them–how does she show up?  Sure, it’s a journey, and doesn’t happen all at once.  The journey of empowerment is a consistent unfolding of who you truly are, tapping into deepest parts of yourself, and grounding that into who you are and how you show up in the world.

From my perspective, as a woman, it’s very difficult to separate spirituality, sensuality, sexuality, as well as the many diverse archetypes of the Goddess from the topic of women’s empowerment.  And that’s why much of my work is about awakening the goddess within myself and helping to mirror that for each woman.  This is turn awakens the awareness and honoring of the divine feminine in our world, society, and culture.  As women, ultimately we cannot separate these things from ourselves without sacrificing some level of power.  We have so much richness and depth to work with being in a female body and working with the many facets of feminine energy.

So here are the wonderful responses I got from this query, as well as some of my own sentiments.  I hope you enjoy them!  Please feel free to Pin, Share, and Repost to your heart’s content!